Why Mirabelle Spiserìa?

After almost a decade as a bakery, we are reviving Mirabelle in its new form, as a Spiserìa and wine bar. Mirabelle will still be open most of the day cooking up gastronomy from early morning to late evening. The inspiration comes from Sicily, but just at Bæst, the focus is on local organic ingredients.

As an immigrant from Sicily, it was high time for Christian F. Puglisi to create something that combines his Southern Italian roots with his gastronomic experience in the Nordic region. At Mirabelle, you will find both riffs on classic Sicilian dishes such as granita, arancini, and pasta, as well as a more modern cuisine that draws on the simple but distinct flavors of the southern sun and the Mediterranean, such as capers, anchovies, and oregano.

Sicily’s cuisine, which is often considered ‘poor’, can here have its own universe and in these times of inflation, its renewed relevance. A Spiserìa is an attempt to combine the new Copenhagen all-day eatery with the Italian Trattoria.

The morning will start with a varied selection of classic egg dishes as they were served at the old Mirabelle, mixed with Mediterranean sweet treats such as coffee and almond granita, served with the legendary ‘brioche col tuppo’. Lunch and afternoon offer arancini made with organic beef or a vegetarian version with pistachio, alongside an à la carte menu with simple pasta dishes, focaccia sandwiches, meatballs with ‘nduja, and, not least, a tartare with “capuliato” of chopped dried tomatoes, capers, and oregano.

Mirabelle’s heritage as a bakery shows in the afternoon when the legendary bread is taken out of the oven and can be enjoyed with a drop of the award-winning Titone Olive oil. A few loaves of bread are put up for sale each day for local regulars. It is also an opportune time to grab an arancino and a glass of Etna wine when picking up your bread.

The evening menu offers an à la carte menu with dishes such as squid ragù, crudo of monkfish, spaghetti with breadcrumbs and anchovies, braised organic rabbit, and lamb braised in Marsala. You can enjoy it à la carte or in a 7-course menu for 455 DKK.

As something truly unique, the wine list is exclusively based on Sicilian wines from the island’s three valleys. Bæst and Mirabelle’s sommelier Marco Bartone is himself Sicilian and has together with Christian F. Puglisi had the opportunity to create a completely Sicilian list with a focus on high level wines from small producers, elegantly avoiding the largest semi-industrial producers that has come to define Sicilian wine.

If you want to enjoy a glass of Sicilian wine, it is possible all day, including at the large central table reserved for walk-ins and wine enthusiasts or under the colorful awning. We hope that Mirabelle can make the Sicilian sun shine on Guldbergsgade.”